Twilio may be for large users, but it works great for tiny ones as well. Sure, PIKA has provided Asterisk-supported boards for some time, but it got me thinking how many brands of cards are supported and how this affects Digium. Here is a talk from a couple of years ago: Then the pricing is pretty simple: I want to know which card and signaling protocol i can use? I believe they built their own, exactly for the reasons I outlined above. Those systems still save businesses tons of money and make a lot of money for the companies integrating them.

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What we really need is some kind of etcd for telecoms, where you just configure it and they replicate and share state automatically.

Dialogic Digs Asterisk | Light Reading

I worked at Digium from You could use etcd for it or Puppet or whatever to create config on the fly. Sure, PIKA has provided Asterisk-supported boards for some time, but it got me thinking how many brands of cards are supported and how this affects Digium. The comment lines are open. Posted by Diaolgic on 18 Oct 9: Well if you get an email from xxx somemail. I have little faith in Sangoma’s leadership when it comes to open source, it’s not in their nature.


Dialogic Digs Asterisk

What I find interesting about this news is that there are now several hardware choices when deploying an Asterisk-based PBX. Posted by Dan Wolanski on 27 Apr 6: Sangoma hardware last year.

It saved a few small companies a ton of money compared to an older proprietary system. Will the open source Asterisk community dialogif “brand loyalty” to Digium, since Mark Spencer founded the whole Asterisk movement?

Dialogic to Support Asterisk

HammerJack 4 months ago. Can you please check the same?

Trust me, it will be interesting I still wonder if Digium had continued funding it what would have happened, but eventually development was halted: Wow, I forgot I even knew about these companies. I recall them having issues with their supply chain for the high-density SIP boards in conjunction with field failures that pushed us towards their software product, HMP.

Personally I wouldn’t use it; I’d just write some quick code with Twilio using Twilio functions or a companion app running on Heroku for the business logic and let them handle it. This sounds like exactly what SIP does.

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Correct, but don’t forget many hosted communications services use dialogid internally. It’s way, way better than “anyone can trivially pretend to be anyone”. Indeed, I ran a large-ish asterisk user group for years in Toronto and know a number of people at Digium and Sangoma, and there was always a bit of animosity between them.


Rolled it on my VPS for my own consulting needs and it’s pain free. However if I think with my technical CTO brain, my recommendation would have to be to install Sangoma hardware. I built asterisk systems for our own in-house multilocation system for dailogic because it was cheaper and offered infinite more control and options.

Rjevski 4 months ago Seems like a huge hack. Lots of people use Asterisk it’s basically everywhere – whatever you call – dentist, doctor, plumber Just more signalling layers on top of RTP channel management. The latter lets you verify that the email originated from the domain. I rolled my old MSP over to it without any dialogi and afaik they’re still running it a few years later and I know none of them have touched it for admin.

It’s a bit out of date now since Digium now supports Octasic echo cancellation. Even PBX in a flash has moved away from open source Rjevski 4 months ago On the other hand, I’m not sure Asterisk has a asteridk.