But if I’m in a hurry I just release the clutches, move the mount and re-sync on the other side of the sky. The Temma PC system relies on the polar alignment of the mount for goto accuracy. Instead they provide USB ports. Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. Release Notes and Instructions: The hand paddle attached to the mount still works when the mount is connected to the PC.

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On my Temma PC Jr. Kagayaki is a no nonsense planetarium program with an emphasis on ergonomics. The hand paddle attached to the mount still works when the mount is connected to the PC. It is available here: This temmq can best be described as something like a jet airplane noise but at far lower decibel levels. I really can’t argue the pro and cons of stepper motor vs servo motor mount designs, but suffice to say that the precise guiding that Tak mounts are famous for remains intact.

Temma by Takahashi ASCOM Driver

The Temma PC system relies on the polar alignment of the mount for goto accuracy. Goto was always within 5 arc-min and typically within 2 arc-min. This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. But the periodic error of my EM measured to be smooth asfom well within the specification of 10 arc-seconds. But such a cable can be easily constructed.


The advantages of the Software Bisque driver over the Unofficial Temma PC Driver are temmaa the Software Bisque driver supports alternative tracking speeds including solar and comet tracking rates; 2 the Software Bisque driver supports fine movement controls from within TheSky my driver can only support the Jog movement command ; 3 the Software Bisque driver automatically gets the Site Location information from TheSky.

This is a full-featured driver that provides not only ASCOM standard driver functions, but also user access to many of the Temma’s special features.

Instead they provide USB temm.

Celestron Telescope Driver ProgId programmers only: The primary differences between the Temma 2 models and the older Temma PC models are higher speed stepper motors and improved precision of the controller electronics.

The worm period is approximately 10 minutes.

I drive my mount off a 24V “wall wart” style AC adapter in the teemma and in the field off two 12V gel cells wired in series. The command protocol used to communicate with the Temma mounts has not changed so The Unofficial Temma PC Driver works fine with the new models too.

ASCOM Temma Telescope Driver Download

See the help file and release notes! I measured goto accuracy using my EM with a just good polar scope alignment no drift alignment and a Vixen GA4 illuminated guiding reticle. This version has passed the Conformance Checker tests and has support for programmably changing pier side.


It’s a simple program capable of controlling the mount.

Driver name users, in the Chooser: Most typically the mount must be polar aligned it is generally agreed that Tak polar scopes work very wellthe goto system is teleecope synchronized with one star and that’s it. Previously you had to purchase Software Bisque’s Orchestrate to get this functionality.

Temma by Takahashi Equatorial Mount ASCOM Driver

Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will likely lead to a more satisfying observing experience. A PDF file documenting the protocol is available here. With a mount flip it was under 10 arc-min. So autoguiding should be able telexcope address this. Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts.

But this is not useful for long exposure imaging. The standard adapter plate on the EM is a Tak two hole design which fits Takahashi clamshell tube holders. This is an ongoing project, so be sure to check the site for updates. TheSky V5 build 5. But its database is quite limited and it is missing many features that anyone used to TheSky will sorely miss. tleescope