One of the F button pins I did notice was bent while switching them out. If you need a little guidance, here are the best fighting sticks to get you started. A choke at each end of the long cable to prevent signal interference shows Razer has performance in mind with even minor aspects of the design. These are massive pros, as is the fact that the stick effortlessly switches between PS3, PS4 and PC with the flick of a switch on the stick proper. Why do ppl give this a bad rating based on shipment problems.

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Razer Panthera arcade fightstick review | PC Gamer

Check current price at Amazon Mayflash F Review F is the most popular budget arcade stick currently, evne though it may not seem like much.

Almost every arcade stick meant for the consoles are also compatible with the PC. On the plus side, the rubber grip covering the bottom of the Panthera does a great job of keeping it in place. This controller is great and I recommend this for real.

It brings the arcade experience to your home, and that is a good thing for people who do not go to arcades or simply do not have one in The gamepad and fightstick are daisy-chained, which means you can control both with the controller and arcade sticks, for example if you need to use the analogue sticks in a game briefly.


An excellent stick that gives you a very close approximation of the arcade experience at a reasonable price. The joystick feels incredible to jostle around.

Its a different feeling compared to a gamepad fightsticck playstation 4 controller. If you are not willing to do this you MAY not like a arcade stick. The largely similar Razer Atrox for Xbox One fared even worse, with Steam failing to even detect a controller. In stock on January 2, The implications for responsiveness in fighting games are clear, but somewhat careless, ham-fisted gamers like myself will have to learn to keep their fingers raised.

The Best Arcade Fight Sticks

But it can be done with this stick as well. Rest of the buttons are in the front panel, and touchpad can be found from the back of the joystick, just behind the buttons at the top.

I modded it with the Sanwa stick and buttons and to be honest I feel no real difference. Long braided cord that screws on. Want an awesome fightstick that is ready to go, no modding needed because it already has your favorite parts fitted?

The Best Arcade Fight Sticks – IGN

Sticks, for my money, are just more comfortable. This isn’t a stellar stick by any means but is a great budget alternative that’s perfect for new players or the tournament hardened grinder who wants a lightweight option to take over a friend’s house for some practice matches.

Note that if you click on one fightsticl these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale. This stick supports a vibrating wrist strap bought separatelybut to me it sounds more like a silly gimmick. This is my first arcade stick and it is arcave We recommend By Zergnet. This simple, yet amazing-looking slab-like arcade stick stands out with its glossy black surface, metallic balltop, aluminium panels and LED lighting on the sides.


For Sublime joystick Feels robust Simple internals.

It has a sturdy base fghtstick eight buttons that are designed for smashing. Very responsive buttons, the buttons sound nice and crisp when pressing on them. Quality construction, joystick and buttons. But joystick and the 30 mm buttons are easily moddable.

And, after a lengthy play session, I don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself that much closer to arthritis.

The stick I feel is about a half inch too small below the buttons and I have hands on the smaller side. Everything about it feels great, plenty of space to rest your hand, it can control the system menu’s on PS3 which many can’t, etc It feels solid and the suction cups hold are really sticky. The unibody design with the slope at the front reminds me of Hori RAP4.