It’s fantastic from top to bottom including the RazrX-forged which is an incredible feeling cavity back. I really don’t like the feel of the large Callaway head any longer. The time now is When you play the Anser with a Diamana white shaft at a low loft you are playing a club much like the I The 3 remaining testers also put up very solid numbers, but none quite as good as what we saw from the previously mentioned testers. From our low speed senior tester, to our higher swing speed player, to the guys in between, with a reasonably good shaft fit from the stock selections no less , the Anser proved capable of producing excellent numbers across the board.

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It goes without saying that the lower loft coupled with a better fitting shaft played a significant role in the change.

Ping I20 driver vs Anser driver

Always like your teams reviews of new equip. I guess Ping wanted to join the rest of the gang.

Stuey01 Journeyman Pro May 22, Joined Sep 10, Pr 2, Location Wakefield, west yorkshire. I am playing Callaway Bertha Irons graphite. I’m now using an i20 driver and love it. Especially loved the forged Anser but hate the cost. Some find the bigger, closed face drivers are easier to hit right to left but my G20 is not closed and is shimmed open via PING custom. Not sure what the reason is there.


PING Anser Driver – Review

It really depends what your miss is and that will determine which club you need. They are all very nice drivers with certain attributes that may or may not work for your particular swing. No right or wrong answer here.

Answr Anser was spec’d out with R flex standard shaft vs the G20 because spin was less.

I figured as much. Yohanan 6 years ago.

Ping I20 driver vs Anser driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

ansr It produces 1 degree flat lie the standard loft. Ansef 6 years ago. Joe Golfer 6 years ago. Add on top, this driver does have a lie adjustment. I looked at my G10 data and spin was twice as much with the same ball compared to the Anser. The wife and I agreed our big Christmas gift to each other was a bag of custom fit sticks from Ping but I’ve just held off on the Anser driver because it’s so darn expensive.

Geoffrey Perkins 6 years ago. Like the i20, the Anser offers low spin, plenty of distance, and is one of those clubs that aner for most of our testers anyway endlessly fun to hit. The 5th was me, and the PING Anser driver basically proved that I need to stop swiping the ball from the outside in, but I basically knew that anyway.


PING offers those options, custom loft, face angle for a specific i02 if you like that style head. You can’t go wrong with a PING driver. The day the wife and I were getting fitted at Ping in mid-November, we were told I don’t have a problem putting either drivers in play.

All four stock shafts were used by one tester or another during our tests. This is straight from PING, your personal mileage may vary. As per the OP, it seems I can “work” the ball just enough with the Anser. If you found this review and others useful, please consider making a cash donation to help support MyGolfSpy.

Anser is lowest spin. Overall, the PING Anser driver produced slightly above average distance numbers across the board, and well above average numbers for 2 of our testers.