The impact jammed Austin’s neck and left him temporarily paralyzed. Iris Amicitia likes this. The wrestler then drops to a seated position, driving the head and upper back of the opponent into the ground. Aja Kong Innovated the move This move was popularized by Kevin Owens during his time on the independent circuit. Another way to get the opponent into the position is to approach a standing opponent from behind, hook the opponent’s arms, bend forward under the opponent, and then rise up, raising the opponent upside down.

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Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum.

Piledriver (professional wrestling) – Wikipedia

It was often used to setup an opponent for his finishing move, puledriver diving headbutt from the top turnbuckle. The Castle of Cagliostro 5 4. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June CS1 maint: Microsoft Photo Gallery In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Was expecting Akame vs her sister, but was happy to see Kurome back in the scene again, been a while. Archived from the original on There is also a seated version of this move. The cradle piledriver is a variation on standard piledrivers which aime the attacking wrestler grapevine the opponents leg with their arm.


File:Kotaro Suzuki Tombstone – Wikimedia Commons

The wrestler then moves their left arm from around the opponent’s neck to around the opponent’s torso. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. This move will often see the attacking wrestler hold the move after landing for a rana style pinfall attempt. Views View Edit History. Retrieved 28 December The wrestler then stands up, lifting the opponent until they are upside pilderiver, and drops to a sitting position with the opponent’s pilfdriver between their thighs.

It was reviewed on 12 July by FlickreviewR and was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the cc-by-sa Retrieved 16 March Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Originally Posted by Dragonballfan View Post. Iris Amicitia likes this. Oh shit the new chapter finally came out today Spoiler for AGK Then the wrestler stands while the opponent is in an upside down position while both the opponent and the wrestler’s arms are still hooked.

Retrieved from ” https: The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent’s head into the mat. The move is executed from an Argentine backbreaker rack face up, with the neck and one leg cradled position.


The proper way to execute the move, in most cases, is for the wrestler performing the move to tuck the opponent’s head between his legs before falling to the mat there are variations that are performed differently, as the list anije indicates. Page of Oh n those people are looking for Kinemon right?

The Undertaker about to knockout Inferno with the Tombstone Piledriver.png

The wrestler pushes the opponent forward while holding the opponent’s leg with tombsstone arm, and the head with the other arm, and then sits down, driving the opponent head first down to the floor.

A wrestler first stands facing an opponent and places their stronger arm between the opponent’s legs and their weaker arm on the opponent’s opposite shoulder. Description Kotaro Suzuki Tombstone Piledriver.

Bubba Chuck is offline. Super Dragon used this move throughout his career, calling it the Psycho Driver.

Girl can fly now give me a break.