I have tried everything uninstalling ati drivers, ati x driver , but no use! It means in life, that the lcd wont turn off, if I shut the laptop screen down. I have tried everything! Although it would probably be a good idea to install 2GB, or more, of total RAM, since I can tell from taskmanager that it uses up pretty much all of the RAM when doing more than 1 “heavy” task. Now, I have the latest catalyst driver! I try to ask around

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Windows 7 on Pa | NotebookReview

Contact details Terms of use Privacy policy Topics sitemap. Maybe it will work,or I contact to fujitsu-siemens Thank you! I have a compaqnx too with ati igp !

I have tried everything! The driver windows installs by default, apparently wont recognize that there is a headphone jack and internal speakers. If I want the laptop to comletely shut down, when I close the screen It works I cannot install v6. Please give me some advice Only thing is, I cannot disable spdif output, and vvga enable analogue output instead I presume thats how it should be done. I have tried removing the driver that windows installed default, and then installing the driver downloaded from realtek website its the ALC chip.


Do you think this is a hardware problem?

Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pa 1510 Drivers XP

When it seas someing about microsoft that is not manufactories I need to upgrade my driver, because openGL is not supported in resoulution x What can be the problem? Board index All times are UTC.

So now Im kinda clueless as what to do next. I have tried all of the catalyst drivers!

And it works fine I’d advise you to ask on bigger and more question 1150 forums, and particularly this one – Gaming Software and Graphics Cards – Notebook and Forums Discussion. Does anybody have the same problems? Who is online Users browsing this forum: Maybe the newest updated drivers from Realtek website works too, I havent tried, and Im not going too since its working fine now Good luck.

Board index Time zone: I am using win xp prof, and I have mailo to install catalyst 6. How come your works? No registered users and 3 guests.


My enlgish sasck but i will put same picteurs after. When I open volume control it also shows the digital spdif icon, and I can see the green bar going up and down when playing some music. Do you use factory stuff, or the latest catalyst? Hopefully then it should work. I try to ask around I have a vta xpress integrated garphic card, and I would like to know how to install new drivers!

I have tried everything uninstalling ati drivers, ati x driverbut a,ilo use!

I need openGL support in x, and with tis driver provided by fujitsu-siemens I am not able to play a single openGL based game in the desired resulition It means in life, that the lcd wont turn off, if I shut the laptop screen down.