But it’s really quite good for a dinky-cam, especially one with stuck-record mode: Colour saturation is good, white balance is fine, focus is OK toy-cams with fixed focus lenses do not do well on close subjects , and it’s not too grainy. We do travel and take in the sports and collectibles conventions for more unique signed and collectible one-offs. Non-editable formats, like any flavour of MPEG, define most of their frames in terms of their differences from the previous frame. Got one to sell? Using it The Pocket DV2 is very simple to use, despite its plethora of functions. You can get NiMH cells up to mAh capacity nowadays; that’d be good for about eight straight hours of audio or video recording.

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So, alptek, this cheap little plastic object could actually come in handy for someone walking around with a primary digital camera that cost more than his or her car.

Aiptek Pocket DV 5100M Camcorder (Silver)

Battery door on Pencam VGA requires tape to stay shut. Been waiting to stock up on Echo speakers, Fire tablets or other Amazon gadgets? That gets old, I think, faster than anything else in human history has ever gotten old. It is not a very good one.

Aiptek Digital Cameras for sale | eBay

CompactFlash cards worked fine; stuff stayed on them until I deliberately deleted it. When the tank’s moving slowly or sitting still, megx image looks pretty good; when it’s bouncing around, it doesn’t. You don’t even have to read much of the manual; VirtualDub automatically warns you when you’re doing things that you might not actually want to do. This isn’t a fair comparison – you emga buy 30 Pocket DV2s for the price I paid for my D60 and all its lenses and other bits and pieces – but it does show you what this object actually looks like.


Fortunately, there’s a way around this problem. Power consumption Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 aaiptek “high performance” alkaline AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise. If you’re looking for a fun gadget that may actually have some practical uses, then this is one. I’ve recompressed the above clip using DivX 4.

D Cameras by Joshua Goldman Nov 28, Not a remarkable house, but one with dark bricks and light mortar. For parts or not working. Practically every proper integrated-lens digital camera has a zoom aiptej, and very useful they are too. Video Cameras by Joshua Goldman Nov 13, We do travel and take in the sports and collectibles conventions for more unique signed and collectible one-offs. If you use half-decent NiMH cells, though, you should be able to get about three solid hours of recording per charge, even if you leave the LCD backlight on all the time.

But it doesn’t seem to. But apart from that, it’s a much better partner for this device than is the bundled video software. Closing the LCD, by the way, does not automatically turn the backlight off. MJPEG is an “all keyframes” format, just one picture after another.


It takes by still photos or byif you want more pictures msga megabyte; there are two different JPEG compression settings, too.

The Pocket DV2, like many consumer digital cameras, also delivers rather more saturated colour than actually exists in the real world; most people will consider this to be a feature rather than a bug. It’s not just the low resolution and the chunky compression; it’s not the low frame rate, either.

Full-resolution, high-quality images from this camera can take up around half a megabyte; my indoor sample shot was kilobytes nega high res, high quality mode. But if you’ve got a CompactFlash card, you needn’t worry. US shoppers can find tons of Aiptek cameras on DealTime! sv

Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

Here’s the Pocket DV2’s attempt. The Pocket DV2 attaches to its tripod aipptek a standard thread connector, which means you can screw it onto any other regular video or photo tripod you like. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. Well, OK, maybe it’s fine for some stuff. But, fv, this is all to be expected.

It’s got an optical viewfinder, of sorts, and a little LCD screen too.