Please note, not filing a new report will delay your problem being addressed as quickly as possible. Can someone help me out and explain or point me in the right direction on how to check video drivers and see if my video card running okay? Also seeing the problem in gimp menus. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Found a hint with commit bc15b54d de8facb7cc 15dae Author:

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Mon Feb 3 And my rawhide has these related packages: I am using openbox as a WM.

Historically speaking, there are always some pretty important bugs squashed after a major LTS release. And for an extra level of paranoia, can you also check if the error persists if you do a debug build unoptimized, -O0 of pixman, xserver, and -intel? Once those first hurdles have been overcome, then the likelihood of issues later on are very small. 82q963/qq965

Just to make sure I did this correctly, I replaced the following three files on my system with freshly-built ones: As I understand it, a new LTS will result in the opportunity to consider major changes as opposed to a step by step approach within a given LTS? I let you 82q963/a965 about the results Chris Wilson ickle on Some letters get corrupted ubutnu fixed. Can you please check that attached video is the correct one?


Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Florian Hars hars wrote on I’ve uploaded commit abfdabe fbed65fab 83fdc4 Author: Email Required, but never shown. The first Linux Lite Beta 3.

That will tell us whether the corruption occurs as we render the glyphs using the GPU or as we upload. This worked for me on Ubuntu Please ensure you have the package xdiagnose installed, and that you click the Yes button for attaching additional debugging information.

Tagging of X bugs

Tue Feb 4 Jerry, I’m sure 3. I also compiled xorg-server and -intel with -O0. I am having ATI video card. Also, I have that cairo update from Arch as well, and although the problem looks perhaps less obvious, it’s definitely still there.

Bug # “[gen4 sna] Font corruption” : Bugs : xserver-xorg-video-intel package : Ubuntu

Just to ensure it didn’t get removed by mistake very slim possibilityjust run this command: Ubuntu no longer uses xorg. I will attach a video screen capture of this happening.


See the Release Announcements Section.

View all comments or add a comment. Yup, because we’ll open a specific thread for that. In other words, is the code obeying the spec, but it would take an odd non-spec workaround to make the HW behave? Cache flush bits are on dword 0, not 1, on gen4 and gen5.

But it’s nice to have options. I’ve just tested the latest git, but unfortunately the problem persists. Size 10 italic Cantarell seemed particularly badly hit, with even lines of just repeated c or d characters showing corruption if longer than 18 lettersbut other fonts don’t usually show any corruption on a line of text filled with a single repeating character.