It is common to drive them through a large power resistor of a few ohms. I want to use it for automotive ignition system. If you know of any simple way around this it would be very useful. Notify me of new comments via email. It is possible that your PSU is limiting the current too much.

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The self capacitance is a product of the seperate coil windings and the voltage difference between them.

If not, should I just buy another set of ignition coils on mostet If the outputs are connected together they will operate as a single ignition coil would but with the potential to deliver 2x the current. Please explain in more detail if you want more help. The internal resistor is for limiting the current in the coil to prevent damage. He says he uses 7 cycles per second, does this mean hertz? Most such designs use a bridge rectifier and a smoothing capacitor.

MOVS can be purchased that will work in one direction only which may give improved reaction time over a seperate series diode. But what has me confused is that this energy can flow without the apparent need for a return path, as in a circuit. In such a thing the spark plugs are connected at each end coiil the secondary winding and both plugs fire somewhat simultaneously.

My question is how to gte the most efficieny to produce the most highest potential and current for the tube discharge. I have tried this with and without the diodes running for a sort time and when the diodes are in place, they get mosvet hot, showing that there is in fact a lot of current going through them.


It is 5555 to drive them through a large power resistor of a few ohms. The resistor is used to limit the current drawn from the signal generator. I noticed when the coil was operating that a lamp that was pugged into the wall was flickering on and off very fast the switch on the lamp was off, im getting feed back into the house.

mosfet – Controlling the Spark plug using IC – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

The output votage is calculable, but it can get tricky to account mostet all the factors, especially when some of the values are not known. What do you think? You need a device known as an RF choke or an EMI filter between your mains outlet and dimmer circuit.

If you are looking to control a motor, then I would recommend this circuit. When the timer drops the voltage to zero volts, the coil sends mosfeg voltage from the negative side of the coil terminal to ground.

This means that the voltage between the two outputs will always be zero.

NE555 ignition coil driver

A small note on the RC component of the circuit. Mpsfet represents two power transistors connected in parallel and mounted on a heatsink. Thank you for your answer. Am I to understand, then, that it is not required that either end igniton actually needed for the opposite end to fire? Assuming that your power supply is capable of supplying more than 4A, the final current flow would be determined by the impedance of your motor.


Whenever I draw arcs, it seems that my comparator dies. You need to use a normal wire with a metal conductor.

IRF is a good example. By conventional circuit I mean the need for a power supply omsfet be connected to a load and the load needing to return to the power supply.

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

I replaced it but had the same result. Would a sine-wave oscillator instead of ignifion square-wave give better efficiency for driving an ignition coil?

The hot one is probably partly damaged and not switching on fully.

All i was thinking was that the 2nd circuit could be triggered so the capacitor discharges through the coil; creating a higher powered arc. The range of frequencies you can adjust the circuit over is still determined mosfdt your capacitor.