Does the spectrum peak shift as you would expect? That would also tell you where it is expecting to find the subVI. The driver uses Pascal calling conventions. Lower the frequency of the waveform generator to 6, 10, 14 Hz and show filter input vs output. It must be done with binary data.

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Transportability across different computer platforms 2. When done, save your main VI so that it will remember the subVI locations the next time you open it.

For the sake of efficiency, let’s say you’re prepared to show us something from each of the 8 sections; we will ask labvieww subset of of the items. See the 8 categories below. Compare that to where you actually installed them. First, there is no soft front panel, as the HP A can be controlled from it’s hardware front panel.

I laview trying to synchronize two A’s with option at different frequencies with square waves. What do you mean by it is asking you to open files? What is the use of sync, in conjunction with the o’scope? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.


Note that on p. Message 9 of How broad is the peak?

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 33120A

You may also need to include the visa. Currently I have a procedure were it lists 333120a Agilent A to use, the steps are: I load two short data blocks into waveform memory. I then create a complex waveform using the DATA: In order to download arbitrary waveforms over 64K points to the A and A you must convert to binary.

How are the extra peaks related to the fundamental frequency?

Agilent | Agilent A VXIplug&play Instrument Driver Read Me

You’ll have to find the equivalent files from 33XXX to replace them with. In the spectrum, can you make an alias of the first harmonic add with be equal to It includes a comprehensive on-line help file which complements the instrument manual. What is the aliased frequency? The 33XXX drivers replaced the drivers.

Second, there is no knowledge base file, which is primarily a physical description of a VXI board. Can you trigger a single sweep? Implementation of the addressing scheme is vendor specific and some vendors support mixed cases.


generating pulse with 33120A in labview

We are testing our prototypes with long term soaks days. Where will be the spectrum peak for a sinewave at a certain frequency above the Nyquist rate? Message 6 of We started seeing some random bursts hours or days appart and trying to find th The only exceptions are that it does not have a soft front panel or a knowledge base file. Thanks for your reply. It must be done with binary data. I have a A with 16MB memory. I believe the exact wording is: