The Nike went strighter and 30 yards farther than the XLS. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The colours have been toned down on these newer models. My length is a great asset that, on one or two holes each round, turns into a liability.

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If I Was King of Golf. As I have stated above I am more of a golf traditionalist and have scoffed many, many times at the mere mention of a square driver. Anyone else that owns the Dymo2…how does it compare to your previous drivers?

Nike SQ DYMO * Driver Regular | eBay

More consistent ball flight and roll. Lefties will find them in 9. I love it, but for me it takes a little while to get used to a new club. I tried my dymo 2 out for the first time last weekend and hit 17 out 18 fairways not bad for a 20 handicap have to agree there staight. As of the Nike SQ Dymo 2 is reasonable value for money for what it can give you. Your email address will not be published.


I swore I would never buy a square driver as I was trying the Dymo2 is the 9. I am a high-swing-speed player and I hit the golf ball a long way though unfortunately not as straight as I would like.

Nike SQ DYMO 10.5* Driver Regular

I decided to close the face 1 ddymo2 and try it out. We tested the 9. I was just ni,e what that meant. Nike SQ Dymo 2 Driver. Like with the Dymo, the Dymo 2 generally looked quite good, the graphics were much easier on the eye than the bright yellow that featured on the earlier Nike Sumo Drivers.

Because of that my swing and the impact with the ball was far less comfortable than I would expect from a Nike SQ.

All of my woods, hybrids and golf balls are Nike. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

Nike SQ Dymo2 Driver Review

So good that it looks to make it into my bag for this season. With the difference being that the Dymo 2 has the unconventional square shaped head.

This is quite possibly the straightest Driver we have ever seen. A square golf club?


I just got the nike sq dymo str8ght fit driver and this thing is amazing, it sounds great looks great and has work ability. Lets take my current driver with a spin of and ball speed of But when they put the graphite shaft on them they really performed well for me. ni,e

I bought the DYMO2 driver because i went to demo nike, ping, cleveland, and taylormade. The buddy I was playing with said it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen…I went from fading to drawing with one adjustment! So what I did was get a steel shaft put in and it feels and sounds much better.

Let someone else pay that licensing and royalty fee. Share this with your golf buddies: Write a Review Rate This Product: Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Found a regular stock shafted Dymo