It is an entry level vehicle which draws a much needed line in the sand against the cookie-cutter curvy imports. After about miles it turned out to be a pretty good car. I actually like the looks of the car. I think we may me drinking a little bit too much of that special Kool-Aid there. I do hope the Caliber proves naysayers wrong and turns out to be reliable… Honestly, this naysayer hopes to be wrong, too. The tax credit, regardless of amount, only applies to MY06 cars which should all be sold by Sept 30, anyway.

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I’ve never been in an American engineered smaller car which was capable in any sense of the word, re: I read one reply to the effect that quality is not there and its a hit or miss on the car you get.

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The rental had 20 miles on it when I got it, so at most it was rented once before. Moving over to the options list on the Dodge Caliber brings a wealth of additional features that Dodge Caliber owners can tack on to their vehicles.


Driving it was where I had the biggest issues. A link to my review is on this page: Yeah, I think you guys are really being harsh for entertainment sake.

That said, I am predicting the new Jeep Patriot about to come out will actually steal sales from the Caliber. Finally, I understand where Dodge was coming from with their interior design. We get all but the diesel option however from memory there are plans to get that here as well in the near future.

Caliber is typical Dodge product. And then redone the Neon for Dodge. If the SUVette style created here ultimately falls flat, DCX may be forced to change the concept and the name yet again, and building name recognition for a new nameplate would cost a fortune.

Lesley, I thoroughly vodge this review, perhaps esp this passage. You would think Dodge could have done a little better. You deserve a Caliber! Second, my Caliber is steering away from repair shops. Tactile qualities sell cars as much as feature content. Heck, my brother still thinks they should bring back the Granada.

I think a tip of the hat needs to be given to canadiamdriver automotive designers; sub-compact used to be designed for sub-humans.

I had a harder time getting the caliber up to speed than my 4runner. When is the SRT version coming out?


Dodge Caliber Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos – The Car Connection

Jeremy Clarkson, take that! Panel gap… oooh yup that too. Reply to a comment above: I present for your consideration: It was a really cool American small car—that Chrysler has let rot on the vine for years now.

The dash and center console caliher when I drove over the first speed bump out of the rental parking lot, and the dash kept rattleing the whole three days I had it.

CanadianDriver: Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) – Dodge Caliber

In base versions, though, its performance is forgettable. A Kia Rio puts it to shame. Now I drive Japanese and South Korean cars, which, while not perfect, are a far cry from Detroit ish product. The diddy Dodge takes over 10 seconds to accelerate from 0 to Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat. At the calibr end a neon that gets hp with no turbo and the flat torque curve of VVT?

Mustang is a perfect example.